“One of the standout stories comes toward the end of the collection, “The Pregnancy Game,” the only story to not prominently feature a mother figure or mother-to-be. In it, a group of girls play a game in the woods, organized by one of their number. They are given a status (pregnant or not pregnant), roll a die, and then advance forward a number of spaces and read their fate off a paper plate, options such as “You’re a slut who had casual sex and then took a morning-after pill. Go back to start.” The participating girls are confused; there’s no good outcome, pregnant or not. It is a brief but hard story, one about loss and the backwards laws women are still fighting against in this country. Consequently, it is the story that best captures womanhood: these are girls just entering the seventh grade, and already they are grappling with the consequences of pregnancy, Right to Life activists, late-term loss, their sexuality and gender and what these mean. Already, they are learning what rights and freedoms they and their bodies don’t have.” -Kathryn Ordiway, Masters Review