Collaborative Writing with Kim Magowan

I’ve been writing some short fiction with the amazing Kim Magowan.


“Rule of Thumb.” Notre Dame Review (forthcoming): print.

Tab Is Sad.” Gravel: online.

Amuse-bouches.” Split Lip: online.

A Test I Knew I Could Pass.” Cagibi: online.

Airship.” Pithead Chapel: online.

Family Reunion: Inventories.” MoonPark Review: online.

It Was Stapled to the Chicken.” Pinball: online.

Rearview.” Jellyfish Review : online.

How Things Work in Your Home.” Cosmonauts Avenue: online.

Prepare Yourself.” The Rational : online.

Counterbalances.” Superstition Review: online.

My Coworker Aldona.” (b)OINK: online.

War.” Monkeybicycle: online.